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I wanted to express, how sorry,I am. Ms.Kathy, it been years since we seen each other.Kim and my Heidi were friends in scool.Kim would spend time at my house,right next to Hardware Store on old 84 now in Monticello..We got back in touch over Facebook,Heidi had seen Kim and her family.she and I chatted on Facebook,she sent me pictures of her,children, and Grandbabies' They. are as beautiful a Kim was.I am sorry I couldn't come to the Funeral Home,I am handicapped so I don't get out very little.I just couldn't believe. I messaged . it when I seen. I messaged Mechelle right away,She confirmed it. Know that we loved Kim,she was a sweetheart, I enjoyed chatting with her nd loved the pictures. God Bless You and Family. Love susan