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I am sad today. I got the phone call letting me know that Mr. Nolan has gone to be with The Lord. He was a member of a group of men who spent countless hours helping shape the future of a group of boys in the 60's and 70's. We did not know how to play the game, but he helped show us. We did not know how to be young men, but he helped show us. It is through those efforts that I am not the only one struggling today. These same young boys who have grown up, and are scattered from coast to coast, will also be touched by the memories we all have of Mr. Nolan. The family has lost a great leader. Lincoln County has lost a great citizen. Brookhaven has lost a great resident. Baseball has lost a great ambassador. I can't find anywhere in the Word of God that says there is baseball in Heaven, but if it's there, you will find Mr. Nolan showing some young boy how to hit, throw, field, and catch the baseball correctly. He will also be showing that young boy how to grow up and become a man. My deepest sympathies to the family. Once again, I am very sad today